Michael Leep is the Founder and CEO of Mavspar. Michael holds an MBA from Marshall University and is board certified in multiple human performance disciplines. Michael has been in the Human Factors and Risk Management field for over 25 years assisting employers, insurance companies, and government agencies in managing risk and improving human performance. Prior to founding Mavspar, Michael served as the Founder and/or CEO for several national managed care companies. 

Michael is a specialized asset for the DOD/DBA sectors providing onsite expertise on United States and Foreign Military Bases in the Middle East and Europe. He works with Foreign Embassy Security Guards, Military Base Security Specialists, Hostage Rescue Teams, Force Protection Officers, Rapid Response Teams, VIP & Dignitary Personal Bodyguards, Fixed Wing & Rotary Combat Pilots, and other specialized units in enhancing the intelligence, physical capabilities, training, safety, and security of our nations Military Contractors and Government personnel around the globe.

He also supports Law Enforcement, Firefighters & EMS, Maximum Security Prison Correctional Officers, Special Agents, SWAT Teams, K-9 units, and other Federal and State agencies in fitness for duty data analysis & testing, training, and job task analysis data sourcing and quantitative assessments.

Michael and his team also work with private employers and Fortune 500 companies in the hospital, logistics, trucking, warehousing, aviation, railroad, energy, maintenance, mechanics, maritime, and various other industries in injury prevention, job task analysis, and Human Factors & Ergonomic engineering solutions.

Michael has been published in the field of Human Factors and Performance. An avid family and outdoors enthusiast, Michael annually completes the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).