Prepare, Perform, and Recover for Health, Wellness, and Success

Our Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) develops physical readiness programs for individuals or entire departments, designed to mitigate the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s). Our programs are based on the job specific duties of each Workplace Athlete. Our goal is to increase blood circulation and improve posture, balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility to position Workplace Athletes to meet their job demands safely and efficiently.

Programs Can Be Developed, Demonstrated, And Implemented Both On-Site And Virtually.

Optimum Health and Safety Performance

Optimum Health and Safety Performance


An important principle when preparing for physically demanding job duties is to increase the body temperature and to prepare the muscles, lungs, and heart to safely perform our job tasks. Warming up leaves you feeling refreshed and lowers the chances of injury.

Strength – Balance & Coordination

Functional movements are critical to everyday essential and non-essential tasks on the jobsite. Improved balance and coordination makes job duties like ascending and descending stairs; lifting and carrying heavy items; and suddenly changing directions, easier. A strong, stable core and base will allow for easier body movements.

Recovery Stretches

Stretching repairs and assists the body in recovering from work stresses, awkward postures, and forceful exertions. Stretching can accommodate all major muscle groups or the specific muscles that are commonly used in specific job duties.